Goat Cheese Scallion Scones

Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot believe it is already mid-October. I’ve barely reconciled with the fact that its autumn which means apple and pumpkin everything. As of now, I have only baked one recipe with pumpkin, so naturally, I feel a bit behind given that I have so many recipes I would like …


Chewy, Crispy, or Cakey – What defines the texture of a cookie?

  We all have a favorite type of chocolate chip cookie. For me, it’s chewy. Baking is chemistry. The ratio and use of certain ingredients define the final product. The chemical reaction between flour, sugar, and fat paired cohesively with the oven temperature and baking time determine the texture and appearance of a cookie. Cookies …

Sorbetto Parfait
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Pies and Artistic Expression

Undeniably, pastry and baking live at the intersection of Science and Art. Often we forget that baking and making pastries is hard science, before an art. Without the scientific process that creates the pastry in and of itself, there would be nothing to express on. That is why the greatest sweet masterpieces require the finese …

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