Katelyn from Sugary LogicWho am I?

I am a pastry school graduate with a love of anything food. Chicago bred, now California Dreamin’. I am a bemused twenty something with a yearning to learn. I thrive through meditation, exercising and eating healthy (with the occasional In-n-Out burger, because I mean, come on). I am most at ease when I am exploring, perusing the farmer’s market, trying new foods, drinking copious amounts of locally sourced coffee and binge watching Netflix. I am a simple girl who enjoys life.

What am I about?

Through years of cooking and baking, I have grown to understand the concept of flavor. However, this understanding did not come naturally. It is the result of cooking every day, experimentation, and a knowledge gained from technical training in pastry school.

Who is he?

My confidant in life, my partner in crime, my love, George. He gives me the motivation to strive for the stars. He shows me the light when things are fuzzy. He is the guinea pig for my recipes and he is the best darn hugger this side of the Pacific. Above all else, he is my best friend. George is the brains behind the scenes and the backbone to this site and my life. We are two peas in a pod taking on life together. Without him, this blog would not be possible.

Why Sugary Logic?

Sugary logic is designed to bring forth delicious, approachable recipes with a clear concept in mind.