Top 10 DIY Gifts You Can Make at Home

Top 10 DIY Gifts You Can Make at Home

Money is tight this time of year, but homemade gifts

can be the best gifts of all. 

I always wish I could afford to give more than I’m able. But the thing is I can with homemade DIY gifts. Homemade gifts are not only uniquely made, but part of the specialness comes from the time and effort put into creating them. They are made from the heart. Below are Sugary Logic’s top ten DIY gifts you can make at home to gift to all those you hold dear.


1) Kale and Caramel’s Edible Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub

This scrub is not only good for your skin, but it is also completely edible. Made mostly from ingredients you already have on hand. Find the link to the recipe by clicking here.

2) Country Living’s Cutting Board Spice Rack

Made from a repurposed wooden cutting board and some small vintage wooden boxes, this rack is not only nice to look at, but completely individual. It wood look great on the kitchen wall right next to the stove. Find the idea and instructions here.

3) Suburban Simplicity’s Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Made from natural pantry ingredients, this scrub smells fantastic and its great for softening rough skin. The perfect gift during these cold winter months. Find the recipe here.

4) I Heart Nap Time’s Sweet and Savory Compound Butter (with free printable)

A great idea for the avid cook or toast eater are these sweet and savory compound butters. This link even comes with free printable labels to place on the jars. Find the recipe and printable labels here.

5) Homemade Jams

Everyone enjoys a good jam, especially when they are homemade. Try any one of these recipes for a sweetly delicious gift. Good Housekeeping’s Peach and Honey Jam. The Cooking Bride’s Homemade Strawberry Jam. Good Housekeeping’s Mixed Berry Jam.

6) Sugary Logic’s Peanut Butter Jelly Bars

This one is my own personal recipe. These bars will bring out the kid in whomever they are gifted too. Find the recipe here.

7) Sugary Logic’s Peanut Butter Granola

This granola is full of protein and perfect atop yogurt or in a bowl with almond milk. Gift it in a mason jar with a cutie ingredient label and you have yourself the perfect gift. Find the recipe here.

8) Mason Jar Cookies or Brownies

Place all the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie dough recipe layered in a mason jar (with exception to sugar if it needs to blended separately in your recipe). Attach the recipe including ingredients and instructions to the jar with a pretty ribbon.

9) The Coconut Mama’s Coffee Body Scrub

This coffee body scrub is full of antioxidants and natural, beneficial ingredients for your skin. It smells pretty darn great too! Find the recipe here.

10) Homemade Cookies

This is one of my favorite homemade gifts in existence. I gifted many homemade cookies this year. Make a variety of types with a suggested minimum of three different types. Purchase some cute holiday themed cookie tins. Line the tins with wax paper before placing cookies inside. Attach a cute card indicating what cookies are inside and attach with ribbon. Include a batch of these simple sugar cookies in your box this year and use holiday inspired sprinkles.

Any one of these DIY gifts will put a smile on your gift recipients face. There is a different kind

of appreciation for homemade gifts made from the heart. <3




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