Honeycomb Candy Cake
Tips and Tidbits

Tip: Use Honeycomb Candy as a Cake Garnish

Honeycomb is not only delicious to eat on its own. It also

makes for a great cake or cupcake garnish!

Making honeycomb candy is almost like a chemistry experiment. You start with a hot, boiling sugar mixture. Baking soda is then added to the sugar mixture, which will immediately start to become frothy. As it starts to cool and caramelize, you will proceed and pour the mixture on a Silpat, making sure it is spread evenly. The mixture will start to harden immediately. Once set, crack the candy into pieces.

The candy works beautifully as a cake or cupcake garnish. The subtle crunchy, chewy candy makes for a perfect accompaniment to frosting or whipped cream. The textures are incredibly satisfying. It may seem like an odd pairing, but it really works!

Here is a recipe for this yummy candy that I really like. When making, make sure to acknowledge that this stuff it hot!