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Quick and Easy Caramel Sauce

Quick and Easy Caramel Sauce

  Thanksgiving is around the corner; time to start finishing dessert plans. This quick and easy caramel is the perfect accompaniment to any pie or fall flavored dessert. It would be perfect with a warm slice of apple pie a la mode with vanilla ice cream. It can be made ahead of time and kept …

Mini Pumpkin Bread Loaves

Three cheers for fall flavors! Like most, the holiday season is my favorite time for baking; pies in November and cookies in December, and everything else in between. I adore the spicy cinnamon blends that accompany apple, pumpkin, and pecan goods. It’s all so comforting and soul-warming. These mini pumpkin bread loaves were my first …

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Pies and Artistic Expression

Undeniably, pastry and baking live at the intersection of Science and Art. Often we forget that baking and making pastries is hard science, before an art. Without the scientific process that creates the pastry in and of itself, there would be nothing to express on. That is why the greatest sweet masterpieces require the finese …

Chantilly Cream vs Whipped Cream
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