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Mocha Almond Balls

Mocha Almond Balls

Cookie season is almost through, Christmas is upon us. Though I’ve already finished my holiday cookie baking, granted that I had to get them in the mail before it was too late, I have a quick easy recipe for those of you who are last-minute bakers. With Thanksgiving so late this year, this holiday season …

Caramel Apple Rice Krispy Treats

Caramel Apple Pecan Rice Krispy Treats

I’ve always been a big fan of homemade rice krispy treats. I could legitimately eat an entire tray of them. And the same goes for these caramel apple pecan rice krispy treats. The flavor combination of these treats is so utterly satisfying. My guy and I finished a full tray of these within a couple …


Chewy, Crispy, or Cakey – What defines the texture of a cookie?

  We all have a favorite type of chocolate chip cookie. For me, it’s chewy. Baking is chemistry. The ratio and use of certain ingredients define the final product. The chemical reaction between flour, sugar, and fat paired cohesively with the oven temperature and baking time determine the texture and appearance of a cookie. Cookies …