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Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to stay motivated on most days. There is still so much uncertainty and no real end in sight. Despite the unknowing and day-to-day struggles, I can honestly say that I have been taking some time to improve upon myself. I have resumed old hobbies and activities …


Chewy, Crispy, or Cakey – What defines the texture of a cookie?

  We all have a favorite type of chocolate chip cookie. For me, it’s chewy. Baking is chemistry. The ratio and use of certain ingredients define the final product. The chemical reaction between flour, sugar, and fat paired cohesively with the oven temperature and baking time determine the texture and appearance of a cookie. Cookies …

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The Psychology of Baking For Others

Although baking can be stressful, it has been a source of therapy for many. The psychology of baking is complex. It affects human psychology, as well as sociology. While the act of baking is a form of stress relief, joy also comes from the act of giving. And that is why “[b]aking, especially when it’s …