Sunday, Oh how I love thee..

Happy Sunday everybody!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Not only am I off of work (I work Tuesdays through Saturdays), but there is a certain vibe that only Sundays invoke. A vibe that encompasses a calmness, quietness, and joy. Sundays provide us with all the feel-good things like brunch, lazy mornings, and newspaper reading with coffee. Sunday mornings are what it is all about.

The start to a new week means a fresh beginning to tackle your nagging projects and create new to-do lists. Often an errand day, Sundays are catch-up days for many. And low-key days for all.

Sunday means coffee and more coffee.

We usually start our Sunday morning with a workout followed by a visit to our local farmer’s market. With all the local produce in hand, homemade breakfast burritos are usually the brunch meal of choice. Espresso is then sipped before to-do lists and a game plan for the day is created. The morning moves slow. The afternoon is low-key and usually filled with more coffee and kombucha. Evenings are relaxing. We usually make enjoy a comforting dinner and a watch a show via Hulu or Netflix before getting ready for the day and week ahead.

Today has been quite lovely. I am grateful for this day.


What is your favorite Sunday activity? Comment below.


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