Midnight Snack Meet Midnight Toast

Midnight Snack Meet Midnight Toast

A couple of years ago, my love made me a midnight

snack. Midnight toast was born.

Midnight toast is a simple concoction of toast, peanut butter, jelly, whipped cream and honey. Yes, it is slightly indulgent. And yes, it is utterly satisfying. A rich toast made from brioche or challah will take this midnight snack to a whole other level. But, any toast will do.

Homemade whipped cream is preferred. But if you’re making this at midnight, cool whip or canned whipped cream will do just fine.

To make midnight toast:

1) Toast your bread.
2) While toast is still warm, slather the toasted bread with whipped cream.
3) Spread a generous amount of peanut butter over whipped cream layer.
4) Spread your favorite jam atop peanut butter layer.
5) Drizzle with honey.
6) Enjoy with a glass of milk (almond milk preferred in this household).
7) Go back to bed.


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