2017 Reflection

Let the New Year’s Countdown Begin

What will the year 2018 hold?

As I sit here reflecting on the year 2017, I realize how quickly this year has gone and how eventful it has been. Publicly, there was the presidential election, horrifying mass shootings, and the threat of nuclear war. Personally, this year has brought on some great, exciting experiences, as well as new challenges. I have most definitely grown as an individual through the challenges faced and for that I am proud.

This year has also brought forth this blog. Previously I was blogging under the name Aesthetically Sweet. The blog was reinvented and renamed, essentially started over. Thanks to my partner in crime, this blog is prospering backed by a new host and prominent attention.

What will 2018 hold? No-one can say. But, after some of the public catastrophes of this year as well as personal struggles, I am excited for the prospect of a fresh start and new experiences to look forward to. With the fresh start to this blog, I am excited to share new recipes and new ideas to all of you.

Let the New Year’s countdown begin. Let the bygones of 2017 be gone. And let the new prosperities of the new year shine.