The holiday season has arrived, time for cookies.

The holiday season has arrived, time for cookies.

Pull out the cookie recipes and grab those shopping

bags; the holiday season has arrived.

After a wonderfully casual Thanksgiving dinner, we went out for a little (and I mean little) Black Friday shopping. We snagged a few good deals, but could not handle too much of the craziness. So we went home, changed into our pj’s and watched a movie.

Friday morning arrived and all I could think was


We pulled out the tree, went out for a little more Black Friday shopping, and enjoyed the last of the leftover apple pie (as pictured above). We finished decorating the tree tonight and I am now truly filled with the Christmas spirit.

What’s to be expected for this month’s blog posts?

  • Cookie Recipes
  • Holiday Gift Guides
  • Edible Gift Ideas
  • Christmas related tips and tidbits

Stay tuned for holiday-inspired Sugary Logic everything!

What’s your favorite after Thanksgiving activity? Comment Below 🙂

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