Cooking something new? Do your research first.

I have always been fearful of cooking red meat. 

The idea that you must leave the meat still slightly pink inside after cooking has always freaked me out. Saturday night I chose to take on the challenge and overcome my fear. I was cooking something new with full attention to detail. Normally, I overcook red meat or pork because I am afraid to undercook it. But as you can tell by that sentence, it is simply a mind constructed paranoia.

We purchased two large beautiful tri-tip steaks from Costco with the intention of having a nice Saturday meal equipped with roasted potatoes and carrots, balsamic glazed mushrooms, and white wine to wash it all down. The steak was the centerpiece of the entire meal. So I wanted to ensure that I got the cook just right.

After studying multiple recipes and watching a few youtube videos multiple times, I was ready for the test. I allowed my meat to rest for over an hour with a rub of organic steak seasoning purchased from our local co-op grocery store. Utilizing my new found knowledge of cooking steaks, I heated up my cast iron skillet. Once hot, I added a generous amount of olive oil. Shaking the pan to make sure the oil was evenly dispersed, the steak went in.

I set a timer for five minutes and did not touch it. After researching, I realized the importance of only flipping your steak over once each side for the appropriate cook. The timer went off; time to flip. Low and behold, a beautiful sear remained on the first cooked side. I set the timer for another five minutes and let the steak be once more. After that time went off, butter went in. I basted the glorious steak with the most wonderful ingredient, butter. The steak cooked for a few minutes more before it was removed and allowed to rest.

Once rested, I held my breath. I was going for a perfect medium-rare. I cut into the steak and there lied a perfect medium rare cook. After the proper research, patience, and persistence, I cooked the perfect steak for the first time in my life.

What is the lesson from all of this?

Do your research before trying something new. And do not let fear get in the way of challenging yourself.

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